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So you've come this far... that means you're almost ready to book on to an INTO THE OUTSIDE Adventure Trek!

There are certain essentials you will need on the expedition to keep you warm, hydrated, full of energy and smiling.

INTO THE OUTSIDE's Balkan Adventure Treks are operated between May and September. The weather conditions can vary but mainly these months are dry and warm. They are either side of the main summer months. May can be a little cooler and September is usually a little warmer.

You will be trekking in warm and dry conditions so light but protective layers are essential. Long sleeve protective UV shirts are great to have and quick drying trekking pants are perfect. A good hat to keep the sun off of your face. A supportive 45 litre rucksack that can hold a hydration pack is essential as in some cases we may be 24 hours from a reliable water source.

A lightweight packable summer 2 season sleeping bag would be ideal combined with a lightweight Thermarest for the overnight part of the trek where we could be sleeping out under the stars. The huts will have good mattresses. A breathable bivi bag or survival bag to keep the wind chill off overnight if we do sleep out under that stars is perfect.

Good well worn in Summer trekking boots with good ankle support as we will come across steep ground and scree. Walking poles are great to have as back up even if you don't use them.

This list is only a guide but should tick some of the boxes.

Cap/warm hat

Warm windproof gloves

Synthetic T-shirt/trekking shirt and micro fleece

Trekking trousers/shorts

Waterproof jacket

Comfortable Summer season walking boots

45 Litre rucksack

2 season light weight and packable sleeping bag

Thermarest sleeping mat

Survival or bivi bag

1 Litre Water bottle & 2 Litre Hydration bladder

Walking poles (If you use them)

Head Torch (spare batteries)

Suncream/toileteries/personal medication

Bug spray

Travel towel

Trekking sandles for watersports with covered toes


Travel money belt for cash, cards and passport

Currency for personal spending

Outfit for evening meals, travel between locations and sight seeing.

A First aid kit and group equipment will be carried by Dan, your mountain leader.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the Adventure Trek a good level of fitness is recommended. You could be out on the mountains for up to 6 hours each day during the expedition and experience altitude of 1,800m/5,500ft.

The Adventure Treks are a serious undertaking. They will test you mentally and physically to the full.

You must provide INTO THE OUTSIDE with your own personal travel insurance prior to departure.

When you book on an Adventure Trek there will be a weekend meet where you have the opportunity to come out on a Lake District Guided Walk with Dan as a warm up and ask any questions you have about the trek and gear.

Contact Dan or Becki, your experienced mountain leaders via Telephone on 07748 764640 / 07966 140649 or email for your next Adventure Trek.


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