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Lakes 3000s Challenge

So you've come this far... that means you're almost ready to book on to an INTO THE OUTSIDE challenge event!

There are certain essentials you will need on the hill to keep you warm, hydrated, full of energy and smiling.

The scale of equipment you will need will of course depend on the time of year, level of challenge and the number of hours out on the mountains.

For example, TheBob Graham Round is a summer event so winter style equipment is not required. However, a windproof and waterproof are essential items in case of wet weather conditions. Wear warm layers at night and for early morning stages, and don't forget to pack a head torch.

This is a multi day challenge and there will be wild camping involved so make sure you pack essential overnight kit.

This list is only a guide but should tick some of the boxes.

Cap/warm hat

Waterproof gloves/liner gloves

Synthetic T-shirt/Fleece

Trekking pants

Waterproof jacket/trousers

Comfortable walking boots, spare socks

Flip flops for evenings around camp

Overnight clothes/overnight socks

60-80 Litre rucksack

Lunch/energy bars/boiled sweets

1 Litre Water bottle & 2 Litre Platapus

Hot thermos

Walking poles (If you use them)

Head Torch (spare batteries)

Suncream/lip balm/midge spray

Afterbite/blister palsters

Wash kit, travel towel, swim shorts (wild swim), small talc

3x different sixe dry bags

Light weight tent

3 Season sleeping bag

Light wight thermo rest/roll matt

A First aid kit and group equipment will be carried by Dan, your mountain leader.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the event a good level of fitness is recommended. You could be out on the mountains for up to 6 hours for a Lake District Guided Walk, 12 hours for the Lakes 3000s, 16 hours for the National 3 Peaks, walking for 24 miles on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks or 66 mile on the Bob

These challenges are a serious undertaking. They will test you mentally and physically to the full. Why not sign up with Dan on a Lake District Guided Walk as a warm up. You need to give yourself the best possible chance of success!

Contact Dan or Becki, your experienced mountain leaders via Telephone on 07748 764640 / 07966 140649 or email for your next challenge.


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Lake District Guided WalksLakes 3000sNational 3 PeaksYorkshire 3 Peaks

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